What on Earth!.......Quiz answers

No.1 French Absinthe Fountain


 An absinthe fountain, contrary to what one might think, is not for dispensing absinthe, but rather for dispensing water. Absinthe is rarely drunk neat, and an absinthe fountain is an accessory used to deliver the required amount of ice-cold water into a glass of the high-proof drink. 

No.2 Edwardian Match dispenser


The trianguar flap lifts up to reveal a cartridge of paper matches in the form of a disk. The matches were torn off and lit using the striker on the side.

There are a few matches left on this cartridge....can't fins a replacement!

No. 3 Early 20th Century pharmacists pill maker


 Pill machines were designed to enhance the productivity of the early pharmacist, and this design was, indeed, popular for many, many years. This pill machine is designed with 24 tubes for medicine-making. 

No.4 World War 1 trench art oil lamp


Made from small shell cases this is a personal oil lamp which a soldier may have used by his bunk for a weak light to read or write by

No.5 Edwardian botanists field microscope


 Small cylindrical microscopes were popular at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Fig 1. Some varieties that are still commonly available at antique malls, flea markets,  These are sometimes referred to as "Pocket Microscopes" or "Pocket Magnifiers". 

No.6 Weed extractor for a fine lawn


A hand weeder for removing individual plants from a fine lawn such as a croquet lawn. A painstaking job on hands and knees the tool causes minimum damage to the surrounding grass

No.7 Physicists vernier microscope


 Advanced Vernier Microscope. ... The horizontal movement is controlled by a knob at the left hand side of the base, and can be fixed in any position with a clamping screw, and a Vernier scale allows precise measurement to 0.02 mm. The total horizontal movement is 210 mm. 

No.8 1960's Bull Brand cigarette rolling machine


No problem for regular smokers but for vapers and non-users this is a design classic. A perfectly rolled cigarette everytime.....once you get the hang of it!

No.9 James Dixon Cartridge capper/uncapper


Designed for capping or taking off the caps of 12 bore  catridges.

This one was made by James Dixon, a very well respected name in the business

No.10 Croquet hoop gap marker

Croquet is a serious (and vicious) game with strict rules and etiquette. The spacing of the uprights

Croquet is a serious (and vicious) game with strict rules and etiquette. The spacing of the uprights of each hoop must be exactly the same for all the hoops. This device helps the groundsperson mark the reugalation size in the lawn.